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10/28/99 16:20:04

Name: Tensai

What can I say? I've been going to this site on a regular basis for nearly a year, and your fanfiction is the BEST. Anywhere. I just LOVE every single one of your fanfics(I've read them all except for "Tiger Claw", cause Ranma's not really my thing, and the Original Yaoi fanfiction because I am most certainly not mature ^_^). But please, please, PLEASE update "That Which Lingers"!!! It's been five months and 2 days since you put up the last part! I counted! I'm dying of suspense!!! Are we ever going to learn more about Hiko and Masaki (that was Kenshin's dad's name right)? Anyway, keep up the good work! ^_^

10/22/99 03:35:22

Name: Lori

Your work is amazing! Everything just seems to come together as if it were like that all along in canon... the way your stories make a frightening sort of sense... I'm just too overawed to express in mere words...

10/16/99 18:10:45

Name: Jewels

I LOvE YOUR STORIES!!! AHH!! Especially da "THAT WHICH LINGERS"!!! You have to finish it!!! I can't sleep at night because I wanna know what happened next sooo much!! Keep up da good work!! And remember to write more!! ^_^

10/16/99 04:02:44

Name: Micha

Hi, great stories! I've only read one so far, and I'm hooked! Keep up the good work! Keep me posted on the seventh chapter. Micha

10/11/99 22:25:24

Name: Kus Kus

Wow! I absolutely adore your FFVII fanfic! Can't wait for the next one ;)

10/09/99 04:53:58

Name: Seiza

Okay, Okay, I have been coming to your page sence this summer. I love your stories. You need to finish "a thin line between" I loved this it was so interesting. But really you 'HAVE' to write more. Well I just wanted to let you know that i love your pg. A

10/09/99 03:59:09

Name: Anna B.

So far I think that you should put more fan fics that are yaoi & lemon of Sannosuke & Kenshin he he ehe !!!JOKE ONLY!!! Nice site!

10/08/99 01:11:06

Name: Julie

Your stories are some of the best fanfic I've seen on the net. They are well thoughtout and well written. You keep the characters to their original personality, not changing it like many other authors do. I believe you have a lot of talent as a writer. So far, I've enjoyed "That Which Lingers", several Gundam Wing stories, and "Conflicts of Interest". All of which are very good. I would love to see more of COI and "That Which Lingers", although I know you are heavily into Gundam Wing right now. :-)

10/05/99 11:33:46

Name: 7thstar

"Maxwell's Demon" ga daisuki da, but... what if another Death came to take Heero?

10/05/99 06:38:34

Name: Koishi

Comments:'re absolutely the best!(gushing)i'd really, really, really, really love to see how "that which lingers" would turn out in the end...the wait is killing me!!!

09/29/99 00:26:28

Name: Kuro

excellent fic and can't wait for the next part!keep the good work up! ganbatte kudasai ne!

09/22/99 16:46:33

Name: Nik

I read all of your fics, all the time! Your page is bookmarked, and I love reading your stuff. I'm glad that you update at least more often than I do. =) Join my Kenshin IF! Heh. =) Okay, bye! Nik

09/22/99 11:37:07

Name: Duo Maxwell

Heero is inlove with Duo! Pls. send me a picture of Duo naked.

09/16/99 16:58:20

Name: jill

love your work! ^_^x

09/14/99 02:32:03

Name: jenny

I love your page. It is great. The fanfictions are wonderful. I really like Maxwell's Demon and Cut's Like A Scythe (I think that is the proper title).

09/10/99 18:59:28

Name: Ashley

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaase update COF soon!!!! I love it sooo much and I can't handle the wait anymore!!!! PLEASE!!!!

10/16/99 18:10:45

Name: Jewels

I LOvE YOUR STORIES!!! AHH!! Especially da "THAT WHICH LINGERS"!!! You have to finish it!!! I can't sleep at night because I wanna know what happened next sooo much!! Keep up da good work!! And remember to write more!! ^_^

10/16/99 04:02:44

Name: Micha

Hi, great stories! I've only read one so far, and I'm hooked! Keep up the good work! Keep me posted on the seventh chapter. Micha

09/05/99 13:09:17

Name: MIchael

I think ur story is good... no, your story are great. I't been a week now and i haven't finished reading u'r story(That Which Lingers). My brother already finished the story and he said that it was not finished. When r u going to put the next part(is the next part the final chapter?). That's why i haven't finished the story, because i want to read it in one single sitting. So pls. finish the story so i can download it.

08/27/99 16:19:48

Name: Yantee

I must say, what I have already said in the E-mail, that you are one of the most talented and itelligent writers I have ever encountered. And I have encoutered many. It appears that you also have a prefference towards Heero and Duo "coupling", which maked your work even more extraoridanry to me. Please continue to write. There are not many writers out there with your qualities (likes Heero and Duo, writes good, does not make me gag at mush and sap at the end, does not leave me hanging and whishing I never ad read the fic in the first place, and many other things...). Arigato and good job ^_~ (p.s if anyone owns some good stories....feel free to E-mail your webpage, or stories to me)

08/26/99 23:44:24

Name: Alia Duir

love the page, especially the fics!!

08/24/99 03:42:35

Name: Charissa

Man you have some great work goin' on! I love it. I mean, you're FY/GWW was great! A thin line was my favorite too! Well, gotta go! Keep it up man! You're doin' great! -Charissa

08/18/99 13:51:11

Name: rodante

As I said yoou did a great a job and keep up the good work, but I was just wondering when would be the tentative date of the continuation of "that which lingers". Um, just asking.

08/18/99 13:37:03

Name: rodante navallasca

Keep up the good work, It's great. I can't really remember anything to suggest though.

08/16/99 03:59:23

Name: Someone


08/15/99 11:03:51

Name: Linh

Tiger Claw and That Which Lingers are.....Brilliantly Written!!! WOW!!! I'm dying to read your next chapters!!! Keep up the Great work!! :D

08/14/99 04:01:38

Name: Mika

You are a great writer and I like how original your fanfics are. I really like your fanfic That Which Lingers. Are you ever going to finish it?

07/30/99 14:39:20

Name: theresa

hi..i really like your fanfics.."that which lingers" you are such a good reader. keep up the great work and can you finish the fanfic.'the which lingers'?

07/28/99 00:11:23

Name: ashbrooke

i really loved the fanfic MAXWELL'S DEMON. i can't wait til you finish the GW/HIGHLANDER crossover and POV (can't remember new name) and the other crossover with tamohome,miaka and that bunch with GW.

07/26/99 21:20:39

Name: Nari

I love all your fics, especially Conflicts of Interest. The storyline is great, and I love how you portray the characters. I've read the fic about 10 times already, and I gotta say, it's one of the best ff7 fics I've ever read. Keep up the great work and ost part 8 soon! ^_~ -Nari

07/25/99 02:45:54

Name: Wyn

This is such a neat page! I -personally- really liked 'Maxwell's Demon', 'Double Vision', and...well, _all_ the Gundam Wing fics. Bye!

07/24/99 06:49:07

Name: Cynthia Chen

When are you going to update Conflicts of Interest?? Almost a month you haven't updated it?! But anyway, a nice webstie.

07/23/99 06:56:52

Name: Rudy

I love the Nightwitch tales. Excellent storyline and development.

07/18/99 12:16:44

Name: Seta Soujirou

Comments:'s really nice.Great,I'll be in here often.

07/17/99 23:48:21

Name: hara

Cool site!!! I love Conflicts of Interest!! keep up the good Work!!

07/16/99 00:39:00

Name: Kevin A. Hammond

Comments: site!

07/15/99 06:43:39

Name: HunterZegadis

great stories, buta re you ever going to finish tiger claw?

07/14/99 20:27:41

Name: Sound_Shadow

Howdy, It's me Sound_Shadow, formerly Phatdude_13. O' course, my old adress still works, and stuff... anyway, It's time for mood swings. HOW COULD YOU DO IT TO US???! UPDATING LIKE ONCE A DAY FOR A WEEK, THEN WHEN YOU HAD ALL OUR HOPES UP FOR COI 8, YOU LEAVE YOUR PAGE UNTOUCHED FOR 13 DAYS!!! __13 FREAKIN' DAYS!!!!!__ I'VE BEEN CHECKING LIKE 5 TIMES DAILY! I CAN'T WAIT! ...ohem. ahem. Excuse my little outburst there...

07/10/99 20:51:15

Name: JML

You are an excellent author. I've re-read TC at least 3 times and you got we hooked on Rurouni Kenshin with TWL. I hope to see more of your work soon.

07/08/99 00:27:29

Name: Tavam

well.... *scratching head* - just finished reading "Maxwell's Demon" and must say... that is the most interesting spin on Duo and Heero I've yet seen! I like it, actually. On another note: Must Have More "CoI"!!! SUGOI!!! I love the new vidfic - think I know where you're going with it, but that doesn't spoil the story!! Write more! Ja ne! Tavam

06/30/99 15:11:24

Name: Aura

You must do Part Eight for Conflicts of Interest! You must! Love the fic.

06/29/99 20:34:59

Name: XC

Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. I love your GW fanfics, especially Maxwell's Demon. I wish I could write something like that. I hope you'll write more in the GW section! ^-^ Your writing abilities are incredible...!

06/29/99 15:01:01

Name: Beau

Ew!The Gundam Wing fanfic was positively revolting! What on earth were you thinking of? Ur other fanfics are great, but his, is going too far.What have U got against Gundam W to write that?? i'll never be able to watch another Gundam W episode without tho e horrid images running through my mind! Thanks a lot!

06/29/99 06:38:55

Name: neo

I like your page hope you can email me sometimes and discuss the changes there. see 'ya

06/28/99 02:37:13

Name: Trent

very good. love it!

06/24/99 20:14:39

Name: Amamizu

sugoi! @_@ this page is unbelievable! thanks for making your wonderful fics available. i loved every single fic on this page -- i bet many writers out there are very jealous.

06/24/99 12:42:50

Name: Mika

Aaargh! You are such a good writer! I loved parts 1-6 of Tiger Claw! When are you going to put up part 7???????? @_@

06/23/99 08:29:28

Name: Torao

I like your gw fanfic , Double Vision , the idea is cool and very original , interesting storyline you've got there :)

06/23/99 03:42:39

Name: Artie

I love your site! I especially enjoyed reading Conflicts of Interest. I can't wait till part 8 is out! Keep up the awesome work!!

06/16/99 01:20:55

Name: Ann

Sugoi, sugoi, sugoi, sugoi, sugoi! (have I said that enough yet?) That Which Lingers is one of the best things I've ever read, fanfic or no. You've even got me reading the Ranma fanfic even though I've barely seen the series. Now I have to go find out about Gundam Wing and Final Fantasy, just so I can read the fic! Arigato for being such a great writer!

06/15/99 21:05:57

Name: ALEX


06/14/99 06:32:59

Name: Melody

Hi! I just wanna say I really like your fanfic "That Which Lingers"!!!!!!!!!

06/11/99 21:27:26

Name: Kat

"Conflicts of Interest" is so amazing! Keep up the GREAT work, Madam Hydra! -Kat

06/08/99 06:16:08

Name: Trowa

Your fics are pretty damn original! I really like Maxwell's Demons, and this is coming from a T fan ^_^. Keep up the good work.

06/08/99 05:14:07

Name: Kath

When I first saw the RK Nightwitch page, I was intrigued. After reading the fics, I was stunned. As in, stunned with delight. I ACTUALLY did an anime-esque double-take (as in, falling out of my chair groaning "oroooo...") when I found out about that li tle connection between everyone's favorite wolf and redheaded hitokiri. Ooooh, this is so cool! Keep writing-- you left me hanging with Chapter 24--Aaaah! Here's to wolves and golden dragons!

06/08/99 04:30:30

Name: J-chan

I'm a bit tired now from reading Tiger Claw and Conflicts all night... but there's one thing I have to say, and that's /SUGOI/. You are such an amazing writer!

06/04/99 11:13:56

Name: Chris Hicks

06/03/99 02:48:15

Name: Ranma Saotome

I hope you continue your story "Conflict of Interest" Final Fantasy VII Fanfic ... because I'm looking forward to reading on to what happens.

05/31/99 19:08:59

Name: Karen Acree

I'm reading "Tiger Claw," and I love the way you portray Ranma in his Neko form. I was up all last night reading it, and I'm dying to read more. My brother is also ready to kill me for taking up his phone line, but I don't care;D

05/26/99 16:04:18

Name: Cyclone

I read your FF7 fanfic part 1 just a while only, and I was fully attracted to it's story. It is hard to get a story just like this and was lucky enough to find your web site. Just keep up the good work, I believe there will be lots of visitors coming. ^_^

05/26/99 09:26:05

Name: Kjeldor

I just finished reading your ff7 fanfic conflicts of interest, it is excellent and i truly hope to see next part some time soon. Keep up the good work.

05/25/99 20:27:22

Name: Kyanite

I must say. Your Conflicts of Interest fic is up in the top two spots for best FFVII fics I've read (and I've read quite a few). The plot is extremely well written. I'm anxiously awaiting the next chapter. Please finish as soon as you can. I can't wa t to read it. The videofic was VERY good. I look forward to reading more from you. I also hope that you will work on Tiger Claw also. You are undoubtedly one of the best writers on the web. Keep up the wonderful work!!!!! ^_^ V

05/22/99 00:23:07

Name: Seph

MadamHydra, I love your Fan Fic Conflicts of Interest. I was wondering when there will be some new parts to it. PLEASE E-mail me and tell me. Thanx, Seph

05/17/99 14:19:05

Name: Hellrazor

Great work so far! But where's Part 7 of Tiger Claw?

05/14/99 03:11:36

Name: CDKenshin

Hey, I just got started reading fan-fic and in one day I read 14 episodes of your rurouni Kenshin story on THAT WHICH LINGERS straight through and I LOVE IT! Hey keep up the good work, and don't rush your stories for bakas (hehh) who have no patients. As a Fan of Saitoh Hajime I think you should make a story on his past life like how he was recruted into the Shinsengumi and to see if he had any other mortal enemies besides Kenshin.

05/13/99 22:14:15

Name: Shaytar

I love CoI!!! This has to be THE best long FF7 fanfic I have read yet! Even better than CoJ, IMNSHO! Hope you get time to write/HTML Part 8 soon, because 7 was a real cliff-hanger! I just can't wait! The VideoFic is awesome, too! Looking forward to seeing more!

05/11/99 02:34:21

Name: Storm Williams

Madamhydra!!! Your fanfic, That which lingers, KICKS ASS!!!! I can't wait to see how every thing will turn out. You made the story so believeable(a testament to your skill). SO, if you don't finish this fanfic, I will be forced to hurt you!!! ps, I hope to see more of your work soon!

05/10/99 17:55:42

Name: Samantha

"~~~~~~GREAT JOB~~~~~~~~~~" Your "Conflicts of Interests" is the best FF7 fanfic I've ever read. It is my all time favourite. The story is just awasome,Well-done! P.S. Are you ever going to update the story??? It's been four months since you last up date the story ( not include the songfic, which is great by the way). Please continue the stoy, don't make us wait too long!!! ^_~

05/09/99 02:27:04

Name: Lindsey Wicks

The Rurouni Kenshin fanfic is the best I've read! You write true to character, and you make the characters seem like real people, a feat. You have immense talent, and I am very jealous! :)

05/02/99 03:50:45

Name: Jane95173

Hi, I really like your Rurouni Kenshin fanfictions, expecially those with Saitoh ?. They are my favourite couple in RK cuz the mystery around them, and of course, the other favourite couple are Misao & Aoshi. Can't wait to read the next "that which lingers" ^^x

04/29/99 15:59:16

Name: Katcy

Madamhydra, I have just finished reading your Tiger Claw fanfic and I really, really liked it. I have read a lot of Ranma 1/2 fanfics and reading the same type of plot over and over again can be a little tiring. HOwever, I enjoyed yours because it had shed Ranma an the crew with their immaturity and given it a deeper depth. I hope that you will finish the seventh chapter soon. I can hardly wait! Please e-mail me as soon as you post the new chapter. I would enjoy reading it. Katcy

04/28/99 06:51:05


OH~~~, GOD~~~~~ You've really done an great job !!! "Conflicts of Interest" is one of the best FF7 fanfic ! It's no doubt!!! ( LOOK! THE AWARD! ) And''' can you guy set your personal profile on your site ? I want to know more about you'''^^;

04/25/99 02:02:31

Name: Sf. C. B.

I finished up reading CoI and I am simply in awe; more so then in playing FF7 in the first place! The ideas in the story show an amazing viewpoint to the game. The story itself is a masterpiece. *sigh*, which means I'm going to sit here in agony till t e next chapter comes in :(. Perhaps I can try reading the other stories, though I don't know much about the background of them. Great job, and don't leave your fans in TOO much suspence.

04/23/99 03:39:27

Name: Lee

Hi I'm new to your homepage FF7 is my favorite RPG I really liked your Conflict of Intrests story ii's great hope to see more of your fanfiction in the future.

04/19/99 01:55:45

Name: Sybillium

I just finished reading what you've written of Tiger Claw and Conflicts of Interests. Friggin' Awesome! I saw your update posted on the ffml, which is how I found out about it. At any rate, I eagerly await chapter 7 of Tiger Claw.

04/17/99 12:48:43

Name: Ann

Sugoi sugoi sugoi sugoi!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love That Which Lingers, and I can't wait for more of Saitou and Tokio. You're an awesome writer! I can't wait to read more!

04/17/99 04:28:48

Name: fallendemon Derek

Nice site. But why so long on updating the ranma and FF7 stories?

04/13/99 19:03:38

Name: Sondra

great page!!!

04/10/99 06:26:22

Name: dewi

I luv the "that which lingers". I think it's awesome :) GREAT job!!!!!

04/05/99 08:50:24

Name: naito

nice, i'm also a big fan of these anime. So write to me if there's any changes so that i can see it again.

04/05/99 08:15:09

Name: Lija

I'm a big Ranma 1/2 fan and I just love your story "Tiger Claws". It's soooo good. I can't wait for the next chapter.


03/27/99 21:27:25

Name: Kathy Caraballo

I really really really love your Ranma story. Keep up the great work and when will you be publishing the next chapter? :o) Can't wait for the next installment, please hurry :o)

03/27/99 03:14:25

Name: Mosquito

Wow. Just .... wow. I found your site through the FF links on anipike, and I just finished reading all the posted chapters of Conflicts of Interest. In one sitting. Wow. And I'm not even a fan of the game; I just read the stories. I think my eyes ar going to fall out of their sockets, I've been sitting here reading for so long. @_@ Great work. You have amazing talent. I can't wait until the next chapter's posted. The suspense is gonna kill me until then!

03/24/99 16:14:54

Name: Melissa P.

I am reallt enjoying Tiger Claw..but I noticed that the last installment was awhile ago...Please Don't abandon this( on knees begging)...I can't stand the not knowing...(weeping into folded arms) I need more...(whisper) Ranma ^-^ ^_^ "^_^" *^,^

03/05/99 17:58:21

Name: Akaitsuru

I love it! I must have an UPDATE! NOW!! "That Which Lingers" is great- one of the best RK stories ever- and I love "Conflicts of Interest." "Tiger Claw"'s wonderful too! I wish I could write fanfiction like you do. Keep it up!

03/05/99 00:13:22

Name: Long Vu

Your Rurouni Kenshin pages are one of the best ones that I have seen and read. I hope it gats bigger.

03/02/99 06:15:29

Name: mariah

Hey, I think Tiger Claw is literary genius; the person who wrote this... Let me just say, your work astounds me. But for the sake of tradition, a new chapter once in a while might be profitable. Well, that's about it. Keep up the good work.

03/01/99 23:53:42

Name: UmiGoddess

Wow! You're FanFiction is really great! So far I've only read That Which Lingers--but I've read the whole thing (that is what there is so far) and I absolutely LOVE it! I'm actually dying right now cause I just got to the end of what's there! Must have MORE!! I'd say it's about time for an update wouldn't you? Please? PLEASE? Keep up the good work--it really is great! I love how it all comes together--you have a wonderful imagination!

02/26/99 08:22:39

Name: david

ghhhhhhhhhhhhh....please...something....must have next chapter to any of your stories reading your thw introduced me to RK and i'm crazy about it now....ghhhkkkk...need next chapter

02/24/99 22:13:03

Name: Annie

I´m in love with ranma 1/2, and i do like very much your fanfic, its a new plot and a very interestig one, full of romance, intrigue and adventure!! can´t hardly wait for the new chapters!!! keep on the good stuff!!

02/24/99 12:07:55

Name: Shuui-chan

Wow...your page is cool!!! I love your RK fanfics, especially "That Which Lingers"!! ^___^ When are u gonna finish it? I can't wait till 23...^___-

02/22/99 02:28:38

Name: ~K@ity!~

i like ur fanfic of ff7..i'll b visiting ur site 2 c if u updated it...i really wanna kno how it ends...=) ur webpage has lotsa kool pix..that ish all i guess...buh byez

02/18/99 07:01:41

Name: McKenna Benton

Definatly the best RK fanfic I have EVER read!!! THAT WHICH LINGERS!!! I love it!!!

02/16/99 22:46:43

Name: Dagmar-chan

Exellent job with the fic. You have captured the essence of the characters very well, but you still let them grow as people. Keep up the good work.

02/15/99 00:58:50

Name: JC Chen

Hey, good job! I love COI, keep it up! JC

02/13/99 02:13:20

Name: Cathy Burkhart

I like that fanfic Tiger's Claw evenif i'm on the thrid chapter it's very exciting i can't wait o read it all. i hope you get to finish it soon.

02/12/99 19:25:49

Name: P. Rico

I love your RK fan fics. Keep up the great work.^-^

01/31/99 02:53:33

Name: A Martin

I think Tiger Claw is great!!!!! I can't wait to read the next chapter!

01/29/99 21:16:15

Name: christie

this is a great site and i love all the ranma fanfics!

01/28/99 21:03:21

Name: Gem

I just wanted to say that chapter seven of COI was definitly worth the wait (just please don't make us wait so long again! :) and that it's one of the most original and best written ff7 fanfics that I've ever read. :D

01/28/99 02:01:29

Name: Ryan

I stayed up till one last night attempting to read chapter seven of COI in one sitting. I managed. It was certainly worth my time. Very nice.

01/27/99 21:51:14

Name: Phatdude_13

I have been anxiously awaiting COI part 7 for two months... many thanx from me and all o' us fanfic lovers!

01/27/99 07:44:01

Name: Dawheat

i must say i thought your Tiger Claw was one of the best stories i have ever read, much less one of the best Ranma stories i have read- easily top 10. However your FF7 story is simply amazing, easily within my top 3 favorite stories( COI, Waters under th earth, Shadow Chronicles). Simply put...Damn it's good. I never beat the game=( but i still love the story. You are pretty good at adding new chapters so i can't really complain, but hey, i check every day for a new update=)

01/27/99 03:00:00

Name: Talia

VERY Cool Webpage!! I love Conflicts of Intrest! Madam Hydra-- See you at Katsucon... HAHA ya rite :)

01/19/99 08:45:41

Name: Tin Mandigma

I love "That Which Lingers"!

01/06/99 02:04:09

Name: kaylin

Hey! Maybe you remember me -(I was the one that sent you those annoying e-mails telling you that i was going insain waiting to read #7 of conflicts of interest). Well i just read #7 and my mouth is still hanging open in awe!!! It is by far the best ff7 fa fic anywhere and I can't wait for #8 (*hint*) I know you've heard this a million times but I just had to complament you on your work. I thank you for taking the time to write these stories. I'm sure it's hard to find the time to write all these stories. K ep up the great work and know that I and many others will go crazy if you don't! ^_~

12/31/98 05:58:40

Name: John "Ryoma" Yang

(Looks around) Gee, what a nice site,...maybe I can rip it apart :). No, really, its great. I just have to see more, but this is one of better sites I've visited.

12/29/98 10:18:11

Name: Matthew Hudson

Please write more of Tiger Claw, it's great!

12/23/98 02:36:44

Name: Nhan

Hi! I love "Tiger Claws" very much and would like to tell you that. I've a short story about Ranma and Akane and if you like check it out at my Ranma and Akane's page. Well, I'm still working in other stuff and my site is currently under constrution!I ado e your works very much. I hope some day I can write a good story like yours. Ok, you have my true words for it because you deserve good comments. You've worked so hard and I just want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! Good luck wi h everything you do and don't forget to keep up the good work in "Tiger Claws", ok? Bye! P.S. I hope you could finish part 7 of Tiger Claws. You know, every time I come up to the internet I always come to your page wishing you will have part 7 up. (Anyway if you have the rough draft please send them to me at'm not blaming you so don't get the wrong idea. Who could blame a good author like you!

12/22/98 06:52:54

Name: Kelly

I am a huge RK fan. I absolutely love TWL. I have been up all night trying to print out the story. It is great!! Can't wait for the next part to come out (hint, hint). Keep it up.

12/21/98 15:56:58

Name: Darkinspiration

your fanfic so great. you are a true artist

12/21/98 08:13:30

Name: Medea

I just surfed upon your site a few days ago and i must say your Nightwitch tales are way too cool!How on earth do you get your creative juices flowing?!? I just finished reading Chapter 21 and am clamoring for MORE!I know you must be up to your eyeballs i answering requests and updates, but please, please, please, please, PLEASE!Come up with new episodes soon!

12/21/98 07:17:43

Name: Karrie

You certainly are a breakthrough writer.. one of the best 2 FF7 Series Fanfiction I've ever read!!! Please keep up the awesome job, and I eagerly await the next part of Conflicts of Interest, like so many others! Please ^_~

12/17/98 11:39:59

Name: Kyo Kusanagi


12/14/98 22:26:48

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12/11/98 23:28:39

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12/08/98 22:11:21

Name: Seraph918

Conlficts of Interests rules. You should get a fanfiction writing award for your excellent job. Keep it up, Seraph

12/03/98 20:59:49

Name: Mister_X

you pathetic little goober! how dare you desicrate an amazing anime like ranma 1/2 with your stupid little fanfics! if you think for one second that the ranma cast would even THINK about publishing a piece of shit story like this, your even dumber than yo look.

11/28/98 21:27:13

Name: Tara the Chaotic One

I absolutely LOVE Conflicts of Interest, and eagerly await part 7. :-)

11/24/98 03:42:16

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11/24/98 03:02:55

Name: ai

Dear MadamHydra, I am writing to compliment you on your exquisite job with your Ranma fanfic Tigerclaw. Unfortunately I have not had time to read your other works, but I did want to send my respect to you on this particular work. It is rare that one can introduce new ch racters smoothly into the Ranma realm without breaking the story. However this is not the case with this superb work. You have masterfully created an alternate and equally intrigueing Ranma-verse as the original story. You have developed the characters well and been able to keep the reader's attention throughout what has been written so far. I just wanted to breifly congratulate you and encourage you to write more. Anonymous

11/12/98 00:40:17

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10/26/98 20:34:15

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I read Conflicts of Innocence, it is sooooo good. I would have read your other work but i've never actually seen any of the others..oh well i'll live. You write so well, i'm jealous.

10/25/98 22:43:28

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Conflicts of Interest is by far the best FFVII 'fic on the web.

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hello to you! Just wanted to say..your Conflict of interests Fanfic is BY FAR one of the best I have read. Waiting while biting nails for chapter 7^_^ Keep up the good work

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Good site! I like the "Conflicts of Interest" storyline.





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