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Rurouni Kenshin

The Nightwitch Tales

Enter the world of the Nightwitch Tales, a series of fanfics set in an alternate reality Rurouni Kenshin universe full of supernatural creatures and dark sorcery.

Saitoh in the forest



It's the same old story. Someone from Kenshin's past wants bloody revenge...
or is it?
This time, the enemy is much more powerful than any mere mortal. Death means nothing to it. Hiding behind many different masks, its attacks are both insidious and brutal.
Oh yes... the mysterious enemy also has a definite grudge against a former Shinsengumi captain called Saitoh Hajime....


=====short stories=====

A mysterious and extraordinary woman visits Kenshin in the middle of the night to ask him some critical questions. Is she friend or foe?

--> obsolete version of "Night Visitor" which was a mini-crossover with Highlander: The Series


The mysterious woman from "Night Visitor" pays a visit to her sister and discusses the joys of married life.


An explanation of the bond between Saitoh Hajime and his wife Tokio.



Destiny of Fangs

From the day he was born, Saitoh Hajime was marked for greatness. But his path will not be easy, because his destiny is that of sword and fang, blood and death.

Teasers 1 & 2 (08/11/99)

(on indefinite hold)


the Wolf

My version of the courtship between Saitoh Hajime and the mysterious woman known as Tokio. ^_^;

Prologue: On the Hunt (08/06/98)

(on indefinite hold)


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