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The quick-and-dirty "Kickass Hakkai" page

I thought you guys might like see one of my favorite scenes, in both the anime and manga versions.

NOTE: these pages contain a lot of images and may take a while to load. But I definitely think the pictures are worth the wait. ^_^

CAUTION: Remember that this is the quick-and-dirty version, so I'll be summarizing and paraphrasing like crazy. And since I don't know any Japanese, I might get a few things wrong, especially with these Hong Kong translations! O_o

"Hakkai goes youkai" -- the anime version

This takes place in the second season of the anime, at the end of Episode 46 and the beginning of Episode 47. The overall story arc of the second season concerns Homura and his two followers who are involved in some complex and convoluted scheme to create a new world. Unfortunately, the creation of that new world may bring down Heaven and everything else in existence. Oh well. ::shrug:: Of course, the Sanzou-tachi end up trying to stop Homura's plans.

The Sanzou-tachi show up at Homura's stronghold and literally gatecrash the place. However, they soon end up in trouble because (if I understand the subtitles correctly) Homura has somehow transformed this horde of youkai into celestials (as in the denizens of Heaven -- in the anime, they're called 'kami'). Also, don't ask me how Homura managed to do THAT.  ::baffled look::  However, as celestials, these former youkai are now nearly immortal and/or are immune to certain attacks. So now our Sanzou-tachi are in a bit of a tough spot. Hakkai give the others that mild-mannered smile of his and says that he has a good idea -- "Leave me here and you guys go on ahead."

Hakkai and Sanzou have a quick little exchange that basically goes something like this:
  "You serious?"
  "I'm not joking."
  "Hn. All right. Do what you want. Let's go."

I bet you can guess who says what. ::snicker::

The others look shocked and naturally protest. Hakkai says that he's capable of dealing with the enemies (this BIG mob of youkai-turned-celestials), then he asks Goku and Gojyo to believe in him.

Gojyo says, "All right. I'll believe you." As Gojyo turns to leave, Hakkai asks him to take care of Hakuryuu.


And why does he do that? Because Hakkai's worried that he (Hakkai) will kill him if Hakuryuu stays. O_o

Gojyo tucks the little dragon under his arm, gives Hakkai a casual wave, and says, "Don't get yourself killed."

As Sanzou and the others leave, the leader of the youkai-turned-celestials yells, "Don't run away!"

Hakkai block the way out of the room and gives the boss that LOOK as he says, "I am your enemy. I'm sorry. I can't let you go any further." The doors slam shut behind him. ::da-da-DUM::

The youkai-turned-celestial boss basically says, "What can you do to stop us, when the four of you couldn't handle us before? You can't kill us!" (because we're celestials now! ::gloating laugh::)

Here's Hakkai's response:


"You'll know soon. But by the time you find out...."

".... it may be too late."

While he's saying this, Hakkai is walking purposefully in their direction, cracking his knuckles.

The youkai-turned-celestial boss yells the usual "prepare to die" crap.


Hakkai unbuttons his collar and lets his shirt fall partially open...


(Woohoo! *___* )

... then says, "Let's begin," as he reaches upward toward his ear.... (Uh-oh....)


The bad guys can only stand there and gape as all hell starts to breaks loose.

Hakkai starts to transform.... (note that in this pic his collar appears to be buttoned -- continuity error!)

.... as his earcuffs slooooowly fall....

.... and hit the floor with a delicate metallic *ting*.

Loud, prolonged screaming ensues behind closed doors.

Unfortunately, we never get to see Hakkai's actual youkai form in the anime. Drat!  >_<

-- End of Episode 46 --

-- Start of Episode 47 --

Episode 47 starts with a brief recap of the end of the previous episode and provides a few more interesting shots of Hakkai (complete with sinister grin) preparing to stomp the bad guys' asses into the ground.


Now this next pic has nothing to with Hakkai, but I couldn't resist. After Sanzou and the others leave Hakkai, the next battle is Gojyo's. A bunch of celestials make derogatory comments about Gojyo, calling him a monster, etc. This naturally pisses him off. Sanzou and Goku continue after Homura, while he stays behind to deal with the arrogant bastards. After he effortlessly pummels one of the celestials, they suddenly realize they've underestimated him badly.

  "Is he an ordinary monster?"
  "That strength and skill somehow seems very familiar!"

Maybe it's the way he punches them out? ::snicker::

And when Gojyo's finishes most of them off, the lone survivor is convinced that Gojyo's none other than....

::dramatic drumroll::

.... Kenren, of course!

Naturally Gojyo is clueless and just pissed off at their rambling.

  celestial: He is the real Kenren!
  Gojyo: Eh, who is that?

Just then, Hakkai reappears. ^_^

Hakkai rejoins Gojyo looking a bit battered and bloodied, but otherwise okay.


As for the bad guys, I strongly suspect that they're now looking like they've been stuffed through a food processor set on 'puree'....

You might ask why I get that silly idea? Well, take a look at the famous "Hakkai goes youkai" scene in the manga....






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