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"Hakkai goes youkai" - the manga version

WARNING: This is the quick-and-dirty version, so I'll be summarizing and paraphrasing like crazy. And since I don't know any Japanese, I'm relying on translations (which came from Acclimate Solutions) so I might get a few things wrong. Just thought you might like to know. ^_^

Basically, in this story arc (which takes place in manga volume 7), Hakkai's and Goku's spirits have been sucked out of their bodies and they're trapped in this weird desert place. They get attacked by this humongous black monster. They're in real trouble and Hakkai comes to a difficult decision.

He tells Goku that he'll take care of the monster and warns Goku to stay away from him.

A confused Goku goes "Huh?"

As he reaches for his limiters, Hakkai tells Goku that he (Goku) be in danger. (if he gets too close to Hakkai) O_o

The monster gets ready to flatten the two of them...

... and the limiters come off.... ::da-da-DUM::

Note the pretty vine pattern and the pointed ears. Also note the really sharp, REALLY long claws....  ::sweatdrop::  I swear they make Kougaiji's claws look positively modest!

The story shifts to Sanzou and Gojyo for a while. By the time we return to Hakkai and Goku, all the excitement is over.

Hakkai casually kicks a mass of bloody monster guts.... (Ick!)

.... and calmly says, "I'm through," as he puts his limiters back on.

Surrounded by splattered monster parts/guts, Hakkai casually works the kinks out of his shoulders as an absolutely shocked and stupified Goku stares blankly at him. The only thought running through Goku's head is, "So...strong...!!!"

This kid is no stranger to blood and combat. Considering the skill level of his companions and his opponents, imagine what it would take to freak him out so badly!

A sweatdropping Goku grabs Hakkai and when Hakkai asks him what's wrong (in a mildly bemused sort of way), Goku mumbles that he likes the normal Hakkai. ^__^

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